Joycee Mekie

Associate Professor
Electrical Engineering
IIT Gandhinagar

Joycee Mekie

DATE 2023 Highlights

Regular Papers

  1. Kailash Prasad, Aditya Biswas, Arpita Kabra and Joycee Mekie, “ PIC-RAM: Process-Invariant Capacitive Multiplier Based Analog In Memory Computing in 6T SRAM” (Best Paper Candidate)
  2. Tom Glint, Manu Awasthi and Joycee Mekie, “REDRAW: Fast and Efficient Hardware Accelerator with REDuced Reads And Writes for 3D UNet”

LBR Papers

  1. Kailash Prasad, Sai Shubham, Aditya Biswas and Joycee Mekie, “ Process Variation Resilient Current-Domain Analog In Memory Computing”
  2. Tom Glint, Chandan Kumar Jha, Manu Awasthi and Joycee Mekie, "Analysis of Quantization Across DNN Accelerator Architecture Paradigms"

PhD Forum

  1. Kailash Prasad and Joycee Mekie, “Energy Efficient Domain Specific Hardware Design”

Details of Co-authors

  1. Joycee Mekie
  2. Manu Awasthi
  3. Kailash Prasad
  4. Tom Glint (Links to Publications)
  5. Aditya Biswas
  6. Arpita Kabra
  7. Sai Shubham
  8. Chandan Kumar Jha